Qingdao Homebrewing Society (青岛自酿啤酒)
--- Making and enjoying great beer in Qingdao, China

By: PM | July 19, 2016

Below find the information and rules for the 2016 Qingdao Homebrewing Society Challenge (September 3rd, 2016):

  • I don't have time or interest to read that much text. Can you give me a summary please?

Okay, let's see: You have to use 5kg of base malt. Not more, not less. No other malt or other stuff is allowed. No fruits, no sugar etc. You can pick the hops and yeast. We taste it all in early September. And then we see which beer is the nicest and which brewer made the best tasting beer.

  • What is this all about?

The aim of this whole thing is that we see the many varieties of beer we can get with just one main ingredient. We want to see and taste the influence of the choice of hops, yeast or temperature. This is not about adding exotic ingred...

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By: PM | July 06, 2016

Off-flavors in beer. Where do they come from and how to avoid them

Beer comes in many different flavors. Sweet, sour, bitter and more. Some of the flavors are wanted and the brewer aims to capture them in the beer. Other flavors are not wanted and they can have have a negative impact on the taste of the beer. By learning about the various off-flavors, you can learn what to watch out for and learn ways to improve your own beer or that of other brewers.

Our fellow homebrewer Chris will introduce several of the most common off-flavors and where they come from. The off-flavors will be according to the BJCP standards and include sour, Diacetyl, sulfitic, bitter and more.

By comparing a neutral beer with a manipulated beer, you can taste, smell an...

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By: PM | March 30, 2015

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By: PM | March 28, 2015

I stumbled across a great guide for "beer newbies" on Reddit.com's /r/beer subreddit today. It is a good read for anyone wanting to know more about beer styles, serving tips, making beer and beer terminology.


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